Aceite de trufa


GST included

Truffle oil

Got a truffle craving? Our extra virgin olive oil with black or white truffle aroma is a quick and easy solution to truffle hundreds of your favourite recipes. Dress salads with delicious truffle oil vinaigrettes, enhance the flavour of tasty pastas, and anything else you like.

If you can’t afford the high prices of fresh truffles, this is a great option. An excellent black or white truffle oil can mimic the truffle aroma fantastically, for a small fraction of the price.

Truffle oil goes a long way. Drizzle a few drops on food for a light nuance of flavour. Use sparingly. We know you love truffles, but if you squirt truffle oil the flavour will be over-amplified, and could be overpowering. In this case, less equals more truffle bliss.

Arbequina extra virgin olive oil has touches of green olive and a hint of apple. Its flavour is smooth and buttery. It works in perfect harmony with the truffle aroma.

Imported directly from Spain.