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Gourmet stuffed olives
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Red Pepper: Manzanilla Olives selected at origin and stuffed with the best quality roasted red pepper. A traditional stuffing that everyone loves. A touch of colour for appetisers, cocktails, garnishes in salads, meat or fish dishes.

Garlic: The garlic stuffing adds its intense flavour and blends with the unique bouquet of the best variety of selected at origin Manzanilla Olives. Two flavours which blend perfectly in one of the most traditional and typical stuffings of Spanish cuisine, for which a very mild select garlic variety is used, but which adds to the stuffing a crunchy texture. Ideal as an appetiser, for salads or garnish for meat, fish or vegetable dishes.

Lemon: The Mediterranean lemon adds the right touch of freshness and acidity in harmony with the authentic flavour of the best Manzanilla Olives, grown mainly in the lands of Seville and which at Aceitunas BERNAL are selected due to their high quality. A delicious and succulent combination of flavours in these stuffed olives which represent the best of their unique origin and convey the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle and flavour. A touch of citrus for appetisers, cocktails, or garnishes to meat or fish dishes.

Jalapeno: Manzanilla jalapeño stuffed olives. A variety of pepper from Mexico which adds its spicy nuance and underscores the mild flavour of the Manzanilla Olives. Bernal selects the best Manzanilla Olives which represent the best of their unique origin and better quality raw materials to produce these Jalapeño stuffed olives that lovers of stronger flavours will like. Ideal as an appetiser, in salads or as a garnish for meat, fish, vegetables dishes or pizza, to which it adds its spicy flavour.

Blue Cheese: Manzanilla Blue Cheese stuffed olives.

Mojo: Green olives seasoned with over 10 ingredients such as chopped carrot, whole garlic, chopped garlic, cayenne, olive oil, bay leaf etc. One of the star recipes elaborated by BERNAL team and which makes this production an unmistakable product.


Imported directly from Spain.