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Manzanilla: Considered the Queen of Table Olives, mainly grown in Seville. Selected at origin due to their high quality, light green and mild flavour olives, its name refers to its appearance which resembles a small apple.

Lemon: The Mediterranean lemon adds the right touch of freshness and acidity in harmony with the authentic flavour of the best Manzanilla Olives, grown mainly in Sevillian lands and which at Aceitunas BERNAL are selected due to their outstanding quality. A delicious and succulent combination of flavours in these stuffed olives which represent the best of their unique origin and convey the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle and flavour. A touch of citrus for appetisers, cocktails, or garnishes to meat or fish dishes.

Wasabi: Wasabi, a condiment used in many Japanese dishes and which is made from a type of horseradish of the same name, from Japan, combining its hint of exotic spiciness with the flavour of the best Manzanilla Olives, grown mainly in Seville and selected at BERNAL, at origin. A mild spicy appetiser, which does not upset one’s stomach. An appetiser which brings us closer to the new gastronomic trends.

Red pepper: Manzanilla Olives selected at origin and stuffed with the highest quality roasted red pepper. A traditional stuffing that everyone loves. A splash of colour to appetisers, cocktails, garnishes in salads, meat or fish dishes.


Imported directly from Spain.