Cold tapas menu


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A selection of cold tapas

A variety of traditional small goods, cheese and Spanish tapas for 4 people (as a entrees) or 2 people (full meal).

Small goods and cheese (250g)

Jamón Ibérico, Fuet , Lomo, chorizo and Manchego cheese. Gourmet quince paste.

Tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette) 450g

Our traditional tortilla de patatas, cooked with confit potatoes, a hint of onions and free range eggs.

Ensaladilla 300g

It’s one of the most common dishes in any Spanish tapas bar. Our recipe is coming from the south of Spain and include, potatoes, carrots, tuna, boiled egg, olives and mayonnaise.

Almendrajo 100g

A dip made with Australian almonds, crunchy sea salt flakes and Western Australia Extra Virgin Olive oil. Ideal with rustic bread or “picos” (crunchy little breadsticks).

Aceitunas Manzanilla 50gr

Considered the Queen of Table Olives, mainly grown in Seville. Selected at origin due to their high quality, light green and mild flavour olives, its name refers to its appearance which resembles a small apple.

Salmorejo 300g

A creamy and delicious cold soup garnished with jamón serrano and boiled egg.

Salpicon de marisco 300g

A fresh and delicious salad with onion, tricolor capsicum, white wine steamed mussels and fresh prawns with a vinaigrette.

Picos and rustic bread 200g

Crunchy breadsticks and rustic bread.


Note: may contain traces of allergens.

Spanish born – Australian made. Made from scratch.