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Dried mushrooms

Morel Variety: Unique mushroom varietal known for its texture and prestige in top restaurants around the world. 20g

Porcini power: For all mushroom-loving chefs. Finely ground boletus edulis powderis an instant umami flavour bomb to add to your dishes. Its sweet, hazelnut and nutty aroma will give depth and balance to incredible recipes. Replace chopped boletus in your recipes with the silky and elegant texture of wild porcini powder. The quality of the powder is wonderful and fresh. Just a small amount is great for coating dishes or boosting the flavour of a fantastic sauce. You can also use it as your new secret ingredient to make tastier vegetarian and vegan dishes. 75g

Porcini slices: Dried wild boletus original slices. Commonly known as dried porcini. 20g.