GST included

6 units of panellets varieties: chocolate, pine nuts, cocoa or mixed

Panellets are the traditional dessert of the All Saints’ Day. Panellets are often accompanied with a sweet wine, usually moscatell, mistela, vi de missa or vi ranci. Panellets are small cakes or cookies in different shapes, mostly round, made mainly of marzipan (a paste made of almonds and sugar). The most popular are the panellets covered with pine nuts.

Panellets date at least from the 18th century, when they were used as blessed food to share after some religious celebrations.

6 or 18 units of one or more varieties

  • 2 of each in the box of 6
  • 6 chocolate, 3 coconut and 9 pinenuts.

Note: may contain traces of allergens.

Spanish born – Australian made.